Dog Trails NI

About Us

Dog Trails NI is a locally based fitness class for you and your dog to help you to get fitter, faster and stronger while giving your furry friend a great mental and physical workout.

Dog Trails NI is working to promote Cani-sports across Northern Ireland. Dog trails NI specialises in canicross, using the best and most interesting trails across the north to deliver fun, exciting and motivating fitness classes that will certainly work up a sweat!

The Class

Our hour long classes  combine running fitness with your dog along with a bit of human only fun fitness towards the end of the session. A typical class consists of:

  • Gentle run in to get dogs and humans warmed up.
  • Skills work, such as training directional commands.
  • Team training with your dog.
  • Human strength training, involving team games and strength exercises.

Our goal is to make each class exciting, fun, and to leave you and your dog feeling tired and happy. This means mixing up our classes with varying activities.  Our classes are tailored in such a way to include beginner or advanced fitness levels.

The vision of our classes is to create a Dog Trails NI canicross family, through our love of our dogs, whilst keeping ourselves and our pooches fit and healthy through intelligent exercise.

What To Bring

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that you can run in. Trainers, particularly trail running shoes are the best footwear for muddy and grassy trails. Please do not wear wellies or walking boots. It is always a good idea to bring a change of clothes, the trails can get muddy in winter! For your dog, make sure to bring fresh water and a biscuit for the end of class to say well done. An old towel is also useful to give them a dry after muddy wet classes.

The Team

Dog Trails NI was founded in 2018 by Aisling Gribbin after having lived in Scotland for over 10 years and running with Cani-fit, Scotland’s leading dog and owner canicross classes. Aisling was a class leader for Cani-fit, hosting classes in the Paisley area to help local dog owners get fitter and work as a team with their dog. Aisling has been involved in sport from a young age, and after getting her border collie kelpie cross, called Coral, struggled to find a high energy sport that they could do together. After moving to Ayrshire, Aisling and Coral discovered the sport of canicross. “I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find such an amazing sport, its perfect for Coral and we can’t get enough of it. It gives me a reason to train harder, Coral totally loves it and barks when we stop running! I feel we have bonded more and she is pooped by the end of the class, a tired dog is a happy dog!”