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Canicross Commands

The Commands

Since your dog is leading, you need to train him/her how to go left or right, ignore distractions, slow down, speed up and line out.  Canicross is more than just running with your dog, it is training your dog a set of commands along with the aid of pulling to get from A to B.  See below the essential commands that will be taught at our classes, some people prefer the musher terms, however as long as your dog understands and you are consistent it doesn’t matter.

“Go Gee” – Go Right

“Go Haw” – Go Left

“On By” – Ignore Distractions and Keep going

“Hike On” – Pull harder

“Lets Go” – Speeding up

“Stand/Line Out” – Preparing to move off.


Training your dog takes time, it doesn’t happen in just one session.  After a few months you will start to see a great improvement in how your dog responds to your commands.

Where To Canicross

The best places to run for directional and the various commands are cross country routes such as woodland parks, forestry trails, grassy trails and generally anywhere that is soft.  Narrow trails are great as they tunnel your dog into the run area and they generally go faster.

Beginners Guide

Check out our beginners guide to Canicross to help you get started.