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Canicross Harness

Canicross Harness

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Our recommended harness is The Non Stop Canicross Harness. The Non Stop Full Length Harness is a versatile harness designed by the best in the world in Sled Dog Sports.  It is fitted by your dogs neck size, with a length and width that is fully adjustable.  This harness is best suited to dogs that pull consistently, ensuring a smooth and safe run for your dog.  The spine and the shoulders are free to move and ensures your dog pulls from its strongest and safest points.

The Non Stop Half Harness has multiple uses from Canicross, Bikejor and simply going out on a hike.  It is fitted by your dogs neck size, and is adjustable around the ribcage. This harness provides a higher attachment point to your dog and is best suited to dogs who prefer to trot out in front, rather than pull vigorously.  The perfect harness for a hike up mountains.

Designed by the best in the sport, non stop harnesses will ensure a comfortable, safe and fun run for your dog.

Non Stop Canicross Harness Sizing Charts

Non Stop Full Harness

SizeMax Neck OpeningNeck CircumferenceBreed Examples
232cm26-31cmJack Russell Terrier
335cm28-33cmParson Russell Terrier
440cm33-36cmEnglish Cocker Spaniel
544cm36-40cmBorder Collie
648cm40-44cmHungarian Vizsla
752cm44-48cmGerman Shorthaired Pointer
856cm48-52cmGerman Shepherd

Non Stop Half Harness

SizeHarness neck opening