Canicross Night & Winter Running Tips

Night & Winter Canicrossing

Running at night requires an investment in some suitable kit for the safety and comfort for you and your dog.  Check out our recommendations below for the additional kit needed on top of your usual Canicross kit.

The Essentials

⭐️ A good headtorch.  A reliable brand is Petzl.  Do not skimp on this as a lower quality head torch has a higher chance of breaking.

⭐️ A high viz vest – Anything that fits you will do fine.

⭐️ You should already have trail shoes, however if you don’t you need them for the winter months.

Optional Kit

⭐️ A drying coat for your dog.

⭐️ 2 towels to dry off both you and your dog.

⭐️ A cheap pair of waterproofs for yourself if you anticipate standing about for periods of time.

⭐️ A change of clothes, a cosy fleece and t-shirt would suffice for the drive home.  A hat, neck warmer and gloves add extra comfort.

⭐️ A rechargeable battery unit to recharge your head torch batteries.

Running At Night & Winter Recommendations

⭐️ Be confident but be diligent in case of other members of the public.

⭐️ Don’t let the winter ruin the progress you and your dog have made during the warmer seasons, get out and run!

⭐️ Carry your mobile phone in case of emergencies.  Get a bum bag and space won’t be an issue.


Think Safety, Warmth & Comfort



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