Non Stop Canix Belt


The brand spanking new and improved canicross belt from non stop dogwear.


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The unique construction features of this belt maximum safety for your back, helping you maintain a proper running style even when attached to a strong pulling dog.  The belt is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines for professional racing, and has been developed with some of the best athletes in canicross for running and racing at all levels.

Mud or ice is no problem –  the light aluminium buckles are durable and fast to unlock under all conditions. CaniX Belt features a sliding carabiner, making it easier to stay in sync with your teammate.

 CaniX Belt is highly adjustable and comes in two sizes: small and medium. If you want to bring your phone or a snack, there is a spandex pocket for this in the back.

Weighing at just 280 grams, you will hardly even notice you are wearing this product!

The belt comes with a lock-carabiner as the attachment point for your bungee line which makes changing lines super easy, even when you  hands are freezing!


Measure around your waist:


Max: 90 cm

Min: 45 cm


Max: 115 cm

Min: 60 cm


Breathable: The innovative mesh material is both durable and breathable. It allows temperature regulating and ventilation of the body.

Sliding lock-carabiner: Makes it easier for you to keep your balance, even if your dog isn’t pulling straight. Allows up to two Bungee Lines. You can choose to lock the carabiner by turning the screw. Since the carabiner is light, it won’t bounce when running. The aluminium carabiner can hold 4 Kilonewton – we tested it by pulling a car!

Highly adjustable: Find the perfect fit for you by adjusting the belt. You can adjust the waist and the leg straps. In addition to this, you can also adjust the length of the straps between the two parts of the belt to suit you and your preferred pulling point.

Anti-slip: The front strap comes with a silicone layer at the attachment points to make sure it stays in place and does not slip.

Heavy-duty buckles: Our new buckle system is extremely durable and easy to unlock. You can remove the straps within seconds, but they will hold a lot of force when needed. These buckles are durable to stand against mud and ice.

Pocket: Elastic pocket in the back makes it easy to store personal items when running.


Small, Medium