Non Stop Freemotion Premium Starter Kit


Please note that MEDIUM belts will be sent on postal orders unless otherwise stated. If you require a small belt, please highlight this in the notes section of you order. Small belts should fit petite adults and older children.




Save By Buying All The Kit

Non-stop Dogwear Canicross Running/ Racing Starter kit
Contains the new the Canix, 2m Bungee Line & Freemotion Harness all for £140.00

Normally £160.00

Freemotion Harness

Ideal for those who want to use their dog for various pulling activities. The harness should be snug, but not tight around the neck, and it should not slide back to press on the dogs throat when pulling. This harness is fitted by neck size, with the length and sides being adjustable to each dog, making a a versatile and comfortable harness.

Running Belt

The unique construction features of this belt maximum safety for your back, helping you maintain a proper running style even when attached to a strong pulling dog.  The belt is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines for professional racing, and has been developed with some of the best athletes in canicross for running and racing at all levels.

Mud or ice is no problem –  the light aluminium buckles are durable and fast to unlock under all conditions. CaniX Belt features a sliding carabiner, making it easier to stay in sync with your teammate.

 CaniX Belt is highly adjustable and comes in two sizes: small and medium. If you want to bring your phone or a snack, there is a spandex pocket for this in the back.

Weighing at just 280 grams, you will hardly even notice you are wearing this product!

The belt comes with a lock-carabiner as the attachment point for your bungee line which makes changing lines super easy, even when you  hands are freezing!


Measure around your waist:


Max: 90 cm

Min: 45 cm


Max: 115 cm

Min: 60 cm

2m Bungee Line

One of our favourite running lines which is elasticated along its whole length. The Non-Stop Lines are approximately 2 metres long when stretched, and contain additional elastic material, improving comfort for both you and your dog, ensuring safe and comfortable running for both you and your dog.

This line can be used for bikejøring, canicross and scooter. It can also double as a leash for those who prefer elastic in their leash.

Due to its special webbing, the running line provides a very smooth and fluent pulling. High quality materials and certified production within EU ensure a long lifespan.

Harness Sizes

SizeMax Neck OpeningNeck CircumferenceBreed Examples
232cm26-31cmJack Russell Terrier
335cm28-33cmParson Russell Terrier
440cm33-36cmEnglish Cocker Spaniel
544cm36-40cmBorder Collie
648cm40-44cmHungarian Vizsla
752cm44-48cmGerman Shorthaired Pointer
856cm48-52cmGerman Shepherd


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