Summer canicross- How to deal with warm weather running

Keeping your dog cool and safe this summer

Canicross, at least in this temperate part of the world is primarily a winter sport, but it does not mean you can’t have some canicross fun over the summer months. After all, we don’t want to loose all the fitness we have gained over winter classes!

Here are some top tips to keep your dog fit and safe over the warmer summer months

  •  It’s not just the temperature you need to be aware of, humidity is also a key factor that can affect your dog, as well as breed, age, fitness and their general health. If you are unsure, just don’t run. 
  • Try some alternative sports- give agility a go, or head to the beach and let your dog have a swim.
  •  Keep running to the morning or evening when temperatures are lower.
  • Try to keep to shady locations with plenty of water stops, and its also a good idea to carry water with you.
  •  Reduce distance and time spent running, and ensure plenty of breaks- keep your harder running for the winter month
  • Slow the pace down and do more hiking over the summer months- come join us on some of our regular hiking classes!
  •  Always allow your dog to cool down and relax before popping them in the car for the journey home.

Warm temperatures can be hard on your pooch, so don’t be afraid to give them some time off on the sofa.

Use the summer months to work on your own running without your dog, you will be flying once the canicross season comes around again in October!

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