What Is Bikejor?


Bikejor is the bike variant of Canicross and can be enjoyed on mild cross country terrain.  Your dog is attached to your bike through a specialised bike arm that has flex in it for steering and to allow your dog to go to the side of the bike.

Equipment Needed

⭐️ A Bikejor Arm to attach your dog to the bike.

⭐️ A Canicross Dog Harness.

⭐️ A Canicross Running\Bungee Line.

⭐️ A Bicycle Helmet.

⭐️ Eye Protection.

⭐️ A Bike With At least A Front Shock Absorber.

What We Also Recommend

⭐️ V-Brakes are inefficient.  We recommend hydraulic brakes front and back brakes.

⭐️ Start off slowly so you get used to steering, braking and you are in sync with your dog.

⭐️ Lower your saddle a tiny bit below hip height, it is different than actual mountain biking.

⭐️ Try out a couple of solo mountain bike trips with your dog beside you.

⭐️ A bike pump with a pressure gauge.

⭐️ Good mountain bike tyres, you need grip.

Bike Maintenance

When you are biking cross country your bike will get dirty.  It is important to clean your bike after every session, this will keep all the cables friction free and clean off the dirt from the brakes.  Brakes are vital for this sport, it is why we strongly recommend hydraulic brakes.

⭐️ Clean your bike after every session, pay attention to brakes and cables.

⭐️ When your bike is dried, lightly oil the chain and any cables.

⭐️ Inspect your bike for wear and tear.

⭐️ Your tyres should be pumped to the recommended tyre pressure, this is on the side of the tyre wall.

Bikejor And Your Dog

Alot of dogs perform better with Bikejor compared to Canicross, take this into consideration when biking and learning to steer and brake.  It is better to bikejor on mild cross country surfaces than hard ground.  If you are using hard ground as your bikejor training ground make sure to inspect your dogs paw’s.  Using a paw wax to keep them smooth is recommended.

⭐️ Inspect your dog’s paws.

⭐️ Let your dog naturally enjoy the sport.

⭐️ Go out with a friend, they enjoy the chase!

⭐️ Watch your dog’s energy levels, they need rest days just like any other athlete.

⭐️ Your dog will need extra calories to recover.



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