What Is Canicross?

Canicross is the sport of cross country running for you and your dog, all originating from the sport of sled dog mushing.  Your dog is attached to you through a bungee line, connected to a canicross  belt. The dog wears harness specifically designed for this pulling sport to ensure safety and comfort of both you and your dog.  When running your dog is commanded to take left and right turns, speed up and slow down, and pass distractions such as other dogs, interesting smells or the odd rabbit! 

Canicross is the perfect mental and physical workout for your dog and it helps to increase your bond through working as a team. After a canicross run your dog will be ready for some sofa time and a snooze.

Canicross is growing rapidly in popularity across the UK & Ireland, with opportunity to race and complete both locally and at the European and World Championships. 

Canicross is great for meeting and socialising with other dog lovers, and of course getting fit!  If you struggle to fit in walking the dog, and getting out for a run or to the gym, then why not replace a few of your weekly walks with Canicross.  Your dog will love you for it, we promise!

If you are looking to get fit and exercise your dog, our classes one of the best ways to train your dog and give them a job for all that energy!  Have a google locally to see what Canicross clubs and fitness classes are near you and take the leap.

Have a look at our beginners guide below if you are keen to find out more.